We're not a professional photostudio, and certainly won't be doing that in anyone's wedding. But if you need photos for ID-card, website or Annual report etc, we will bring our gear to the spot where you are with reasonable prices. We shoot with Canon professional cameras, so the quality is very good and there's anough resolution for any printout you can imagine.


We also take the official photos for passports or driving licenses. The photos will be uploaded to police's database, and the client will get an ID number for the photo to get the right photo brought together with the application. If there's a group of those who need a photo, we can take them at customer's space with reasonable price.


We shoot, stream, cut and deliver the final footage with the media you want in any size. Our experience has grown with the new techniques in 20 years. We do also multicamerashoots.

Canon EOS 6D