In Europe most used standard in paper sizes is A series, the rest of the world like USA like to use more "wild" sizes. A0 measurements are 841 x 1189 mm (33.1 x 46.8 inches, 1 m2), and this is the most common poster size. We can print on several different materials, but for posters, matt paper and canvas (max. printing area 1050 x 3200 mm) are most popular. We also print banderolls and roll-ups, and both have their own material. And lots of other materias are available.


Our customer promise is 24 h, and we really stick to that. Of course, if there's a rush, sometimes more time is needed. When you know that you need to print a poster, please inform us ASAP, so we can plan our order in printing.


The printing price can be calculated by square meters:

- paper 53 € + VAT 24%(= 65,70 €)
- canvas 94 € + VAT 24%(= 116,60 €)

If you need more than 1 printouts of the same original, please ask the price.

When possible, we deliver the printouts in customers' office. Anyhow it's not always possible unfortunately. Ask about this!


Roll-up is available in two sizes: 85 x 200 cm and 100 x 220 cm.A roll-up consist of the aluminium frame and "skin" (printout), that is rolled inside the frame during transportation. A roll-up is easy and light to carry with it's own bag (included). It's also re-usable, since the skin lasts about forever and is covered when transported. The skin is made of special material that has opaque film in the back to make it's visualisation easy to see.

The charge for 85 x 200 rollup is 120 € + VAT 24% (148,80 €)

Canon IPF8000S