Graphical design

We will design any of your printed matters with attractive layout. Our speciality is drawing scientific figures, and our figs have been published in many international scientific papers. Logos are our other speciality.

The invoicing is always based on charge per hour, but you can believe that we charge only by real hours. You can also set a top for the time to use in designing.

Formatting services

During the years, we have formatted almost 200 thesis books and three years serial publications for Finnish National Agency for Education (2010-2013), so one can say that we're experienced. Before we start the formatting, we discuss with the client to figure out his/her wishes and those we stick on when ever it's possible.

Image processing

We scan and manipulate your paper photos to have a new life. We know Photoshop, and have given also courses about it.

Maximum scanning size is A3.

Canon IPF8000S